The Derby Limb Sleeve


Chris Bainbridge

Member Trust:

Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


The device improves the current method of prepping legs and arms for surgery by standardising the sterilisation procedure whist allowing it to take place on the ward. This reduces theatre time and potentially the risk of post-operative infections. The Limb Sterilisation Sleeve consists of a clear plastic sleeve that can be securely sealed around the limb to be prepped for theatre. The device includes a portal for the controlled application of disinfection fluid and, once skin preparation has been completed, the sleeve can be removed cleanly with the limb now prepped for surgery.

Click on the above image for a demonstration of the sleeve.. 

Role of Health Enterprise East

Supporting the patents, prototyping designs, sourcing a manufacturing partner as well as finding a suitable licensee - Pentland Medical - and negotiating the licence terms which has allowed for the delivery of the product to market.